Frame bender
600 Tonne Frame bender for Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard, USA

Frame bender
600 Tonne Ships Frame bender machine with DNC Control

Frame bender
400 tonne Ships Frame bending machine with DNC Control for WGQ, China

Frame bender
700 Tonne Frame bending for Guangzhou Shipyard, China

Frame bender
700 tonne Ships Frame bending machine with DNC Control for Avondale, USA

Ships Framebender

  • For forming all types of stiffener sections, rolled and welded 'T' sections. Rolled equal and unequal angles and bulb flat sections singly or in pairs, flat/round bar. Frame dimensions from 100 to 1200mm deep
  • Bilge turns/bow flairs at single pass (port & starboard together)
  • Sizes 200, 400, 600 and 700 Tonne model with fixed or adjustable bending centres for increased capacity
  • Integral frame feed system with variable speed
  • High capacity adjustable side & centre clamping for distortion control
  • Vertical straightening feature to correct lateral distortion
  • DNC control system with teach/learn and storage facilities
  • Over 130 MACHINES supplied worldwide